Stefan Golling - the first person to defend his doctor's thesis in the LIGHTer PhD network 12/15/2016

The lightweight arena LIGHTer has a network of PhD students who are active in various areas of research. Recently the first PhD student from the network defended his doctoral thesis, which was celebrated during a diploma ceremony.

Stefan Golling, to the left, receives LIGHTer’s first doctoral diploma from Ingegerd Annergren, to the right, chairman of LIGHTer’s board of directors.

The LIGHTer arena has run a network for PhD students since 2014. Luleå University of Technology is hosting the network and runs it together with Chalmers and KTH. The goal is to increase competence and dissemination in the area of lightweight.

One of the doctoral candidates in the network is Stefan Golling. He is also the first one in the network to defend his doctoral thesis, which was acknowledged with a diploma ceremony at LIGHTer’s seminar in Kista, outside Stockholm.  

Stefan studied for his doctor’s degree at Luleå University of Technology and has, together with the automotive industry, produced methods to better be able to carry out calculations on steel following forming and heat treatment.  Steal is a heavy material really but by using the methods it becomes easier to dimension and reduce the thickness of the sheet metal and the amount of material, which in the end leads to a lighter product.   

The PhD students in the network work in several different fields but it is the focus on lightweight that unites them. Regular meetings and common workshops and conferences are held.

– The network is very important; you exchange information and gain insight in other areas beyond your own research area says Stefan Golling and continues: 

– I have benefitted greatly from the experimental work. We often had similar challenges and questions when it came to carrying out various experiments, and there were opportunities to discuss these issues.

Stefan Golling believes that his research will simplify and improve the work in the industry and other companies in the future. Due to his work, there will be better accuracy in industrial companies’ calculation methods.

– My research is quite broad and there are possibilities for the industry to adapt the methods to other materials than the one I have worked with.

Stefan Golling has not decided as yet what to do in the future. He will most likely stay at Luleå University of Technology until the summer.

– I will stay on to write down more of my results. I will happily carry on with research after that, I enjoy working at the university and it would be fun to carrying on developing my work with new relevant questions.

Contact information Stefan Golling, LTU

Thesis Defense Stefan Golling

The thesis A Study on Microstructure-Dependent Deformation and Failure Properties of Boron Alloyed Steel is available here.