The need for lighter products is governed by the major global challenges facing
us today. The world’s growing population must learn to share our planet’s limited
resources while agreeing on effective environmental measures. Designing lighter
products is an obvious and quick way to reduce demands of resources and
increase energy efficiency, especially within the transport industry.

Similarly, the benefits of lightweight are evident in products within energy generation
and energy transport, such as wind turbines and insulators; within the
construction and infrastructure sector with prefabricated building components
and reinforcement materials; within the engineering industry with hand tools and
robots; within the materials industry with all types of special materials and within
healthcare with prostheses and aids.

In other words, Sweden’s ability to develop world leading expertise within lightweight
technologies will be crucial for maintaining our future industrial competitiveness.
Countries such as Germany, UK, France, USA, Korea and Japan are
now undertaking major national research and development initiatives. So we can
see that it is absolutely essential for Sweden to make a national concerted effort
to promote lightweight solutions if we are to continue to see growth in our key

Contact: Cecilia Ramberg, Director of LIGHTer